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2012 Final Tag Report

Detailed report from IGFA

With the assistance of IGFA Representative Bob Lowe, the IGFA Great Marlin Race went to Lizard Island, Australia in October 2012 for the 26th Annual Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic! A total of 5 tags were generously sponsored by Lizard Island Game Fish Club member, Peter Teakle. The first tag was deployed on the sixth day of the tournament, October 26th 2012, on a 400 kg (880 lb) black marlin that was released in perfect condition. The fish was caught by Tim Ballantine and tagged by Jack Graham aboard Afishionado.The remaining four tags were reissued to other boats in The Cairns Professional Game Fish Association, also fishing off of Lizard Island, the following week. On November 2nd 2012, Roger Kuhnel on Moana III tagged a 544 kg (1200lb) black marlin. The angler, Douglas Perry, described his fish as “huge, strong, and healthy”!Three days later, on November 5th 2012, S. Sruat from the Iceman tagged a 400 kg (880lb) black marlin caught by Luke Cefai.Two days after that, on November 7th 2012, the fourth tag was deployed by Ross Finlayson on a 200 kg (440 lb) black marlin caught by 16 year old, Harry Davies aboard Top Shot. The black was his very first marlin!The final tag was deployed on November 11th, 2012 by Chase Hopper from Kekoa on a 360 kg (794 lb) black at Spur Reef. The angler, Scotty Taylor, described his fish as being in “excellent condition”!We are very pleased to announce that all of the tags in this race were reported. On December 7th 2012, Tag 4 surfaced 91 nm from where it was deployed. On December 15th, 2012, Tag 2 reported just 6 nm from the starting point. On, December 29th 2012, Tag 3 reported 1,360 nm away from where it was deployed. The next Tag to surface was Tag 5 on January 19th 2013, an astonishing 1,875 nm away from where it was deployed! The last tag to surface was Tag 1 on January 25th 2013, with the second farthest distance of 1,360 nm.Congratulations to Team Kekoa!

Team Kekoa’s Marlin was the winner of the 2012 Lizard Island Great Marlin Race!

International winner

Top 5 Longest Tracks to Date


IGMR Lizard Island Leaderboard
Fish Tagged By Angler Distance
5 Chase Hooper Scotty Taylor 1875 nm
3 S. Sruat Luke Cefai 1360 nm
1 Jack Graham Tim Ballantine 365 nm
4 Ross Finlayson Harry Davies 91 nm
2 Roger Kuhnel Douglas Perry 6 nm


I should also note that we were just informed that the Fish 4 tag was found washed up on a beach in December. We have made arrangements for the tag to be shipped back to Wildlife Computers so the high-resolution data can be downloaded from it. This is the first marlin tag we have physically recovered, which makes it an especially exciting event. This will allow us to view data on a minute-by-minute basis, showing us high-resolution diving behavior and allowing us to see things like what the marlin was doing at night vs. daytime. I’m not sure how quickly we can expect these data to be recovered, returned to us, and processed – but I will keep you informed.
Dr. Randy Kochevar
Stanford University

We found the tag on a beach near the Hull River on the Kennedy Walking Track at South Mission Beach in Far North Queensland (near location). The date was 30 December 2012, which was my husbands 50th birthday and he wanted to spend it at South Mission, as we had just moved here permanently from New Zealand at Christmas. It was lying next to a dead turtle, photo attached and we presumed it was attached to the turtle.
I will post the tag back to you this week.

SM_DSC_0047 SM_DSC_0053



All Satellite Tags Deployed

  • Tag 1 is deployed 26-Oct-12: PSAT 11A0823 850lb No. 8 Ribbon Reef by Afishionado. Also tagged with NSW Fisheries Tag No. B055562
  • Tag 2 is deployed 2-Oct-12: PSAT 11A0787 1200lb Opal Ridge by Moana III
  • Tag 3 is deployed 5-Ocy-12: PSAT 11A0836 Bob Jones on Iceman tagged a grander with his satellite tag this morning at No 8 Ribbon. Bob Jones Sports Fishing Australia
  • Tag 4 is deployed 7-Nov-12: PSAT 11A0818 Ross Finlayson on Top Shot tagged a 400lb Black Marlin on No 5 Ribbon Reef to Harry Davies 16 years old, his first Marlin, fishing on Top Shot. Ross Finlayson Marlin Charters
  • Tag 5 is deployed 11-Oct-12: PSAT 11A0821 Kekoa into 800 pound Black Marlin, by angler Scott Taylor at Spur Reef.
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IGFA Great Marlin Race Awards for 2012-2013

Lizard Island Game Fish Club Inc WINS the race.



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