GMR 2011

Great Marlin Race

The Global Tagging of
Pelagic Predators (GTOPP)

2011 Final Tag Reports – Black Marlin Outrace Blues

The fifth and final tag reported right on time, from a point just 204 nautical miles north from where it was deployed – putting it in last place for the Lizard Island Race. The “Fish 4” tag was deployed on October 13, 2011 on a 200-lb. marlin caught by Parke Berolzheimer and tagged by Mike Jacob on board the Allure. Although the distance traveled wasn’t very far, the fact that it will produce a full, 120-day track is extremely valuable for the research team.

So with five out of five tags having reported – a remarkably successful result in itself – the “Blacks vs. Blues” competition with the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament was clearly won by the Lizard Island black marlin – with two of the five results (Fish 5 in first place at 2,739 nautical miles, and Fish 3 in second place at 2,325 nautical miles) outdistancing the first place blue marlin from Kona, which traveled 2,188 nautical miles. Congratulations to everyone for the victory, and for such a successful event. Hopefully there will be many more to come!

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