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Great Northern 29th Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic 2015!

Well the 29th Great Northern Black Marling Lizard Island Classic is away again, back to its home base Lizard Island. Cyclone ITA in 2013, forced the Club to transfer the annual Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic to Cooktown, for 2014. Since then there has been frantic rebuild and another cyclone, but the resort is back up to all its glory ready for this year’s tournament.

It is great to see all the yachts, mother ships, and Game boats all turn up to make this event special as always. The newly rebuilt Marlin Bar has been re-opened and the LIGFC committee was one of the first to christen the new Marlin Bar facilities. The building team has out done themselves, with the amazing facilities, with first class chef and bar people, what great place to drop in to. The Marlin Bar will be open all week, all are welcome.

This year event has 29 boats the usual suspects and some new comers, with boats traveling as far as New Zealand to attend this International event. We have competitors from every State & Territory in Australia, as well as Teams from USA, UK, Russia, Japan, Singapore, Tahiti and New Zealand to this truly international event.

The tournament briefing was held at the Marlin Bar on Saturday night, watching the sun set across Anchor Bay, perfect weather, as you would expect at Lizard Island. With over 170 people attending, President Bob Lowe started formalities, with representatives from Delaware North, Mr Myles Preddey and Mr Joe Bann Manager of Lizard Island resort welcomed everybody back.

Of course a big thank you to the club sponsors, Great Northern Brewing Co, Lizard Island, Flex Pac, Shimano, Far North Sports Fishing, Zac Pac, and Hopper Transport.

Special thanks go to Mr Peter Teakle who once again has donated 10 Satellite tags which have been drawn out of a hat for deployment during the tournament. Theses tags are part of an International race which has been running for some time, between USA and Australia. With the past few years LIGFC participants have won. Last year winner was from a Marlin that swam over 5700 Nautical miles in 120 Days, blowing away last year’s results. Mr Peter Teakle presented the award to Captain Ashley Wallis as the winner of The Great Marlin Race 2014 Race results click here.

Dinner got under way as usually was a 5 star feast, from Executive Chef Mark Jensen and his kitchen brigade, with Amit and Odetle and the service team. Once we could eat no more the Calcutta got under way.

The Calcutta has been going as almost as long as the club. Winner takes all, with 10% going to Research and Development Foundation, which undertakes programs to assist in fish stock management with solid research as its fundamentals. This year over $20,000 has been raised, with hot favourite Top Shot 3 time hat trick winner going for $1400, with top bid going to Levante $1800.

We will try to update as best we can, still having difficulty with Lizard Island internet, but thanks to the tradies finishing off the rebuild we can get through.

As always visit local site by Kelly Dalling Fallon, Black Marlin blog

Great Northern Brewing Co. was named in tribute to CUB's first ever Queensland based brewing operation, the Great Northern Brewery in Cairns acquired in 1931. Back then, beer was made locally for locals. The brewery has since gone, but the concept of drinking local made beer lives on in Great Northern Brewing Co. This beer is brewed longer for a super crisp and refreshing full strength lager.Lizard Island LodgeFar North Sports Fishing (FNSF) is a private luxury charter business offering all inclusive world-class fishing expeditions, in Australia. Taking in Queensland's Great Barrier Reef from Port Douglas to Lizard Island and beyond.Unlike other packaging companies, at Zacpac we have in depth experience in the packaging solutions industry. Our sales and consultancy staff can help you with any packaging solutions that you need.ShimanoWe transport Australia wide & also store goods. Currently working with a home goods importer, we store the goods imported from overseas in our warehouse, pick & pack, & then deliver to destination.

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