30 Boats lined up in Anchor Bay Lizard Island on Sunday morning 13th October 2013 in perfect conditions and on the signal from Tournament Base blasted off in the race to the outer Great Barrier Reef to commence fishing at 11.00am on Day 1 of the Bertram 27th Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic. There were anglers aboard from every State in Australia as well as from USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Russia and Switzerland.
Day 1 a total of 8 Black Marlin were tagged and released from 27 strikes and 14 hook-ups, but 2 were self disqualified by the anglers, with only 6 counting. The Daily Award for most tags went to ‘On Site’ with 1 tag. The weights for qualifying fish were 200lb 1; 250lb 1; 300lb 1; 350lb 2; 700lb 1.
Day 2, conditions perfect and 31 strikes, 22 hook-ups produced 16 tags with sizes 75lb1; 100lb 1; 170lb 1; 150lb 1; 250lb 2; 300lb 1; 350lb 3; 400lb 1; 650lb 1; 700lb 1; 750lb 1; 900lb 1; 1000lb 1. The Daily Award went to ‘Top Shot’ with 4 tags.
Day 3, conditions perfect, 38 strikes for 22 hook-ups and 16 tags with sizes 150lb 2;
200lb 1; 250lb 4; 300lb 2; 400lb 2; 450lb 1; 700lb 2; 750 lb 1; 850lb 1. The Daily Award went to ‘Bite Me’ with 2 tags.
Day 4, conditions perfect, 36 strikes, 25 hook-ups for 17 tags, but again 2 self disqualified by the anglers leaving only 15 counting. The Daily Award for most tags went to ‘Viking 11’ with 2 tags. The qualifying sizes were 100lb 3; 200lb 1; 250lb 1; 400lb 2; 600lb 1; 800lb 2; 850lb 1; 950lb 1; 1000lb 2; 1100lb 1.
Day 5, another perfect day saw 27strikes, 20 hook-ups for 14 tags with sizes 70lb 1;
150lb 1; 200lb 5; 250lb 2; 300 lb 3; 400lb 1; 600 lb 1. The Daily Award went to ‘Little Audrey’ with 2 tags.
Day 6, conditions again perfect with 27 strikes, 21 hook-ups for 10 tags with sizes 70lb 1; 100lb 1; 200lb 1; 250lb 2; 300lb 1; 350lb 1 400lb 1; 750lb 1; 1000lb 1. The Daily Award for most tags went to ‘Black Label’ with 1 tag.
Day 7 and the perfect conditions held out with 31 strikes, 22 hook-ups for 17 tags with sizes 30lb 1; 100lb 1; 120lb 1; 150lb 3; 200lb 3; 250lb 2; 300lb 2; 400lb 2 800lb 1; 850lb 1. The Daily Award was won by ‘Moana111’ with 4 tags.
Overall there were 217 strikes with 144 hook-ups resulting in 94 tags + 4 tags self disqualified.
A total of 15 Satellite PSAT Tags were donated by Mr Peter Teakle and The Bertarelli Foundation to Lizard Island Game Fish Club to distribute among the fleet for deployment during the Bertram 27th Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic and those not deployed in the Classic will be deployed in our fishing zone after the tournament. When all are deployed a concise report on all these PSAT Tags will be published.
For years, Radio Communications in this far North Zone of the Great Barrier Reef have been mediocre, to say the least, and it was refreshing that due to the installation of the Peter Teakle Channel 82 Repeater Station on top of Cook’s Look our Radio Scheds were at long last efficiently maintained. Safety comms can now be assured for all vessels in the area for the first time thanks to this initiative by Peter.
The Calcutta Auction was held at the Briefing Dinner and the winning pool was $29,800.00 less 10% to charity resulting in $26,820.00 being paid out to the crew of ‘Top Shot’ who were the successful bidders for their own boat.
The Awards Banquet held in the Marlin Centre was attended by 191 people and was a huge success thanks to the Chef and Staff of Lizard Island Lodge.
Champion Team Gold Award was won by Tomonori Omi and Naoto Aoyagi from Japan on ‘Top Shot’ with 9 Tags on a countback from the Runner-up Team Silver Award of Andrey Grigoriev and Sergey Kuplensky from Russia fishing on ‘Moana111’ who also had 9 Tags.
In Third Place was Janice and Lachie Eggins on ‘Athaldo’ with 7 Tags.
Champion Male Angler was Tomonori Omi on ‘Top Shot’ with 9 Tags from Runner-up Ralph Czabayski on ‘Kanahoee’ with 6 Tags.
Champion Female Angler was won by Janice Eggins on ‘Athaldo’ with 6 Tags from Runner-up Sharon Poulter on ‘Think Big’ with 2 Tags and in Third Place Tina Black on ‘Reel Chase’ with 1 Tag.
Champion Boat was ‘Top Shot’ with 9 Tags from Runner-up ‘Moana111’ with 8 tags.
Once again, we thank our Sponsors, Bertram & Eagle Yachts, Lizard Island Lodge, Tailored Marine and Shimano.

Lizard Island Game Fish Club Inc
Bob Lowe
President & Tournament Director


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