Anglers from Australia, USA, UK, Russia, Japan, China & Sweden, gathered on Saturday night, 1st October 2011, in the Marlin Centre on Lizard Island to register and attend the Calcutta Auction and Briefing Dinner. 146 people were in attendance.

The 24 entered boats were auctioned off for a total pool of $21,650.00, with the successful bidder of the winning boat to receive the entire pool, less 10% for Charity and R & D.


Day 1,

Sunday, 2 October, the opening day started with a spectacular sail past of the Battle Wagons in front of Lizard Island Resort in Anchor Bay, followed by a race to the outer Reef and start fishing on Day 1. The weather was good with about 15 knot winds and there were 21 strikes, 13 hook ups for 8 tags and one self disqualified, from 6 boats, with Amokura winning the day with 2 tags on a countback from Kanahoee. Champion Male Angler was Phil McCloy on Amokura with 2 tags and Champion Female Angler was Amanda Thompson on Kanahoee with 2 tags, one being estimated at 850 pound.


Day 2,

the weather was again good and there were 25 strikes, 17 hook ups for 13 tags, plus 1 self disqualified. The day was won by Spartacus with 2 tags on a countback from Hattitude. Champion Male Angler remained Phil McCloy on Amokura with 2 tags on countback from Ralph Czabayski Jr with 2 on Spartacus and Andrew Harvey on Hattitude. Champion Female Angler remained Amanda Thompson on Kanahoee with 2 tags. Craig Reagor on Calypso tagged an estimated 950 pounder. Amokura retained Champion Team status.


Day 3,

the weather was again good and 43 strikes, with 31 hook ups delivered 21 Tags and another 1 self disqualified. The day was won by Little Audrey with 4 tags, Champion Male Angler became Tomonori Omi on Top Shot with 4 tags on countback from Ralph Czabayski Jr on Spartacus with 4. Amanda Thompson remained Champion Female with 2 tags. Champion Team was now Little Audrey on 5 tags.

Moana with angler Andrey Grigoriev deployed one of the 5 Satellite Tags donated by Peter Teakle in an estimated 900 pounder to be the first away in the Great Black Marlin Race. All 5 SAT Tags are set to release in 120 days and when data is then downloaded from the satellite, Stanford University Professor Randy Kochevar will be able to determine which travelled the greater distance and an enormous amount of other information for us to better understand these magnificent Black Marlin and help in the management of the species.


Day 4,

the weather got even better and there were 60 strikes, 50 hook ups for 38 Tags and another self disqualified. There were some really big fish today with Amanda Thompson on Kanahoee and Ken Kline on Little Audrey each tagging an estimated 950 pounds and Phillip Scott on Reelistic deployed the second of the 5 SAT tags in a 250 pound fish. The day was won by Askari with a great 5 tags, which jumped them into Champion Team with a total of 9 tags. Champion Male Angler changed once again and Connor Craven on Viking with 6 tags, led on a countback from Ray Camilleri on Askari and Ralph Czabayski Jr on Spartacus, both with 6. Champion Female Angler remained Amanda Thompson with 4 on a count back from Lydie Magers with 4 on Tradition. Champion Team changed once again, with Askari jumping into first place with 9 from Little Audrey with 7.

IGFA Trustee and Vice Chairman Bob Rich, tagged an estimated 1100 pound on Calypso, which enabled him to apply to join the prestigious Lizard Island Game Fish Club Thousand Pound Tag & Release Club.


Day 5,

was won by Askari with 3 tags which also kept them as Champion Team with a total now of 12 tags and a commanding lead. Champion Male Angler remained Ray Camilleri on Askari with 9 tags and Champion Female Amanda Thompson on Kanahoee increasing her count to 6. Chris Caron on Castille deployed the third SAT tag in an estimated 850 pound fish. Askari increased its hold on Champion Team with a total now of 12 Tags. 21 of the 24 boats entered had now scored.


Day 6,

close to a glass out at sea resulted in 43 strikes, 31 hook ups producing 22 tags, the best day so far. Askari once again took the honours for the day with 3 tags, giving them an almost unassailable lead as Champion Team with 15 tags. Champion Male Angler was still Ray Camilleri on Askari with 10 tags, closely followed by Tomonori Omi on Top Shot with 9. Amanda Thompson on Kanahoee increased her lead score to 8 to lead Lydie Maggers with 5 on Tradition. 23 of the 24 entries had now scored.

Mitchell Liddall on Askari tagged an estimated 1100 pounder to qualify him into the Lizard Island Game Fish Club Thousand Pound Tag & Release Club.


Day 7,

a magnificent Glass Out day to finish this great event produced 18 strikes, 14 hook ups and 8 Tags for a Tournament Total of 264 strikes, 200 hook ups and 125 Tags from 24 boats. With another 2 entries into the Thousand Pound Tag & Release Club this absolutely justifies the claim that the Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic is indeed the Best Heavy Tackle Black Marlin Tournament in the World.

Reely Black took the day™s honours with 2 tags and Champion Male Angler remained Ray Camilleri on Askari from Runner up Male Angler Tomonori Omi on Top Shot with 10. Amanda Thompson on Kanahoee kepy her lead as Champion Female Angler from Runner Up Lydie Maggers on Tradition™ with 5.

Champion Team on Askari was led by Team Captain Shane Sipthorp with a fantastic 16 tags with Runner Up Champion team led by Team Captain Phil Webster with 10 Tags.

Champion Boat Captain Corey Hard on Askari accepted the Champion Boat Award with the most memorable and hilarious and long acceptance speech in the 25 year history of this great event.

Runner Up Champion Boat Captain Daniel Carlson on Little Audrey collected the second place trophies.
Overall Tournament Stats:

264 strikes for 200 hook-ups delivered 125 Tags which included 3 SAT Tags.

2 SAT Tags remain with the fleet for deployment as soon as suitable fish can be tagged.
The size range of fish tagged was:

0 to 100 pound = 3;

101 to 200 = 38;

201 to 300 = 31;

301 to 400 = 16;

401 to 500 = 5;

501 to 600 = 5;

601 to 700 = 2;

701 to 800 = 4;

801 to 900 = 14;

901 to 1000 = 4;

1001 to 1100 = 3.



Report on SAT (pop-off archival tags) tags deployed in black marlin in the 25th anniversary lizard island game fish club (LIGFC) black marlin classic, 2011.

this satellite tagging programme was inspired by the challenge given to the Hawaiian billfish tournament (HIBT) by the ligfc at the 2011 HIBT that our black marlin would outdo the blue marlin “Great Marlin Race” organised by Bob Kurtz and Peter Fithian.

LIGFC thank Dr. Randy Kochevar, of Stanford University, for his effort in supplying the PAT tags and our LIGFC sponsor of this tagging programme, Peter Teakle, for financing the tags. we eagerly await the results of this scientific research into the movement of Black Marlin tagged at Lizard Island, when the tags download when released 120 days after deployment.

Tag No./Deployed Angler Boat &Captain Location &Latitude Longitude EstWeight
11A0597/Oct 41546h Andrey Grigoriev MOANA IIIDanny McCarthy No. 9 Ribbon Reef14 59.00 145 43 00 900
11A0594/Oct 51715h Phill Scott REELISTICBrad Craft No. 10 Ribbon Reef14 46 05 143 43 05 250
11A602/Oct 61426h Chris Caron CASTILLE IIIDean Beech No. 10 Ribbon Reef14 42 81 145 42 64 850
11A0560/Oct 131219h Parke Berolzheimer ALLURE”Biggles” No. 10 Ribbon Reef14.42 147.42 200
11A0595/Oct 161426h Bill Borkan CASTILLE IIIDean Beech No. 10 Ribbon Reef14 40 12 145 40 67 900
Fish Boat Distance
5 Castille III 2,739 nm
3 Castille III 2,325 nm
2 Reelistic 334 nm
1 Moana III 267 nm
4 Allure 204 nm


Final Tag Reports – Black Marlin Outrace Blues

The fifth and final tag reported right on time, from a point just 204 nautical miles north from where it was deployed – putting it in last place for the Lizard Island Race. The “Fish 4” tag was deployed on October 13, 2011 on a 200-lb. marlin caught by Parke Berolzheimer and tagged by Mike Jacob on board the Allure. Although the distance traveled wasn’t very far, the fact that it will produce a full, 120-day track is extremely valuable for the research team.

So with five out of five tags having reported – a remarkably successful result in itself – the “Blacks vs. Blues” competition with the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament was clearly won by the Lizard Island black marlin – with two of the five results (Fish 5 in first place at 2,739 nautical miles, and Fish 3 in second place at 2,325 nautical miles) outdistancing the first place blue marlin from Kona, which traveled 2,188 nautical miles. Congratulations to everyone for the victory, and for such a successful event. Hopefully there will be many more to come!

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