The final day of the ShellCove 23rd Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic, with a finishtime of 1600 instead of the other 6 days finish of 1730, resulted in 20 strikes, 13 hook-ups for just 6 tags, to give a Tournament total of 255 strikes, 186 hook-ups and 125 Black Marlin tagged & released. Another 6 were tagged, but self disqualified fortechnical breaches of the IGFA & GFAA Angling & Eqipment Rules. I know of no other Tournament where so many are self disqualified!

The size range of the overall Black Marlin tagged by 26 of the 27 entered boats was:-
100lb-200lb: 58
200lb-400lb: 30
400lb-600lb: 12
600lb-800lb: 5
800lb-1000lb: 14
1000lb-1200lb: 6

Yet another “grander” was tagged & released today, this one by Bill Borkan fishing onKanahoee, an excellent 1000 pound plus tagged in the last half hour of the Classic. Theamazing statsof 10 “granders” in the Tournament qualifying for entry into the LizardIsland Game Fish Club 1000 pound T & R Club, and 5 other “granders” lost, is unparralelled anywhere in the World other than Lizard Island fishing grounds.

The following anglers qualify to apply for membership into the prestigious Lizard Island Game Fish Club Thousnad Pound Club Tag & Release Club:
Clayton Allen, Shane Sipthorp, Mike Dobbins, Paul Brown, Petter Britt, Jim wild, Geoff Lindrey, John Wildberger, Bill Borkan, Parke Berolzheimer

The final results and trophy winners were:

Day 1 Team award with 3 tags Parke Berolzheimer and Chris Caron on Castille 3 tags.
Day 2 Team award with 3 tags Ralph Czabaski Jr and Greg Gilbert on Spartacus 3 tags
Day 3 Team award with 3 tags Daryl Mosley on Mauna Kea with 3 tags.
Day 4 Team Award Chris and Terence Hart on Hart Throb 3 tags.
Day 5 Team Award Nathan & Wayne Douglas and David Trask on Kaizen 3 tags.
Day 6 Team Award Daryl Mosley on Mauna Kea 4 tags.
Day 7 Team Award Alex Danchenko and Chris Schmid on Watchdog 1 tag.

Champion Male Angler with 11 tags Daryl Mosley on Mauna Kea.
Runner up Male Mike Dobbins 7 tags on Hattitude.

Champion Female Angler Karen Weaver 2 tags on Maitai.

Champion Boat Mauna Kea Captain Chris (Sharky) Miles 11 tags.
Runner up Boat Spartacus Captain Rolf Czabayski 9 tags.
Champion Team Daryl Mosley on Mauna Kea 11 tags.

The 24th Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic dates are 16 to 24 October 2010 and will belimited to 40 boats.

Bob Lowe
Lizard Island Game Fish Club Inc
President & Tournament Director.


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