Results of 18th Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic.

A total of 29 boats with 77 anglers entered the Riviera 18th Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic, fished for seven days from Tournament Base at Lizard Island. Teams came from the Bahamas, USA, New Zealand, Russia, Japan, Finland and Australia to compete in what is now recognised as the premier heavy tackle black marlin tournament of the World.

The teams managed 294 strikes, 230 hook-ups, 132 tags 1 marlin of 487kg weighed and three other marlin tagged and released, but self disqualified by the anglers and crew concerned for technical breaches of the rules. Once again, this self disqualification ethos of our members is something we are proud of in this World class International event.

A breakdown of the estimated weights of the tagged marlin reveals not as many top end fish this year as last, but overall their was enough action to satisfy all competitors. At least three “granders” were tagged.

100 to 150 pound 16; 200 to 250 pound 37; 300 to 350 pound 28; 400 to 450 pound 12; 500 to 550 pound 8; 600 to 650 pound 8; 700 to 750 pound 4; 800 to 850 pound 8; 900 to 950 pound 8; 1000 to 1100 pound 3.

Champion Male Angler T & R 11 Black Marlin, Peter Teakle on “Coocoran” with Captain Nick Brady.

Champion Female angler T & R 3 Black Marlin, Susan Deane on “Georgies Girl” with Captain Graham Baker. This was on a count-back from Amy Dobbins with 3 tags on “Amy Dee”.

Champion Tag & Release Team and Champion Boat were Peter Teakle and “Coocoran”.

Heaviest Marlin Trophy went to Kirill Kulazhico, from Russia, on “Moana’ with Captain Daniel McCarthy with a 487kg (1071 lb) Black Marlin.

Runner-up Champion Boat was “Adrenaline”, Captain Jared Weir 8 tags on a count back from “Little Audrey”, Captain Scott Nelson, and “Viking” Bill Billson, all on 8 tags.

Daily Awards for Most Tags were as follows:
1 – Sunday
Trevor Rowe
Charlie Howell.
2 – Monday
Mario Tagliante
Ric Eustace
3 – Tuesday
Peter Teakle
Nick Brady
4 – Wed.
Mario Tagliante
Ric Eustace
5 – Thurs.
Nils Christian Foss
Bill Billson
6 – Friday
Rolf Czabayski
Marlin Blue
Ken Bryant
7 – Sat.
Parke Berolzheimer
Darren Haydon (Biggles)  

Due to an accident, I left the Island at the end of day two and my sincere thanks to my friend and Assistant Tournament Director, Ray Hill, who took over and successfully ran the rest of the event. I was tagged and released from Cairns Base Hospital on day seven and now recovering. Full results follow.


Ranking Angler Boat & Boat Ranking No. Tags Capture
1 Peter Teakle Coocoran First 11
2 Mario Tagliante Billfish 5th 6
3 Shiro Kubo First Class 6th 6
4 Nils Christian Foss Viking Third 6
5 Kirill Kulazhico Moana 8th 4 1
6 Bill Borkan Kiama 11th 5
7 Trevor Rowe Mabuhay 13th 4
8 Gerhard Stennick Mistress 17th 4
9 Steve Hamblyn Kamari 9th 4
10 Parke Berolzheimer Allure 20th 4
11 David Ellam Tenacious 7th 3
12 Susan Deane Georgies Girl 22nd 3
13 Richard Jenkins Joe Joe 23rd 3
14 Robert McCallum Adrenaline Second 3
15 Paul McGreel Adrenaline Second 3
16 Dennis Sheahan Moonshine 10th 3
17 Amy Dobbins Amy Dee 12th 3
18 Chris Chadwick Brilliant Company 27th 3
19 Sam Rocatti Marlin Blue 25th 2
20 Robert Ashton Adrenaline Second 2
21 Bryan Frost Reel Screamer 19th 2
22 Rudd McKendrick Tenacious 7th 2
23 David Klien Little Audrey 4th 2
24 Lindsay Forde Fascination 14th 2
25 Tim Ballintine Hard to Swallow 21st 2
26 Phil Webster Little Audrey 4th 2
27 Matti Keskinen Power Play 15th 2
28 Peter Baenziger Wee Jock 16th 2
29 Robert Carey Moonshine 10th 2
30 Stephen Voce Wee Jock 16th 2
31 John Higgins Lucky Strike 26th 2
32 Henning Hassle Viking 3rd 2
33 Dick Sheridan Reel Chase 18th 2
34 Clayton Dudd Reel Screamer 19th 2
35 Norm Ennis Sea Baby 24th 1
36 Tommy Thompson Fascination 14th 1
37 Adrian Ballintine Hard to Swallow 21st 1
38 Patrick Moore Lucky Strike 26th 1
39 Ron Porter Kamari 9th 1
40 Glen Crawford Amy Dee 12th 1
41 Mikko Keskinen Power Play 15th 1
42 Bill Wilson Mauna Kea 28th 1
43 Doug Covin Fascination 14th 1
44 Pekka Keskinen Power Play 15th 1
45 Mirrin Lidtner Little Audrey 4th 1
46 Alice Cushman Sea Baby 24th 1
47 Ken Klien Little Audrey 4th 1
48 D. Miles Little Audrey 4th 1
49 Dave Arrell Reel Chase 18th 1
50 Debbie Dobbins Amy Dee 12th 1
51 Will Stock Santana 29th 1
52 Tom Cushman Sea Baby 24th 1
53 Clive Smith Reel Chase 18th 1
54 Rolf Czabayski Marlin Blue 25th 1
55 Glen Wright Little Audrey 4th 1
56 Simon Allen Tenacious 7th 1


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