Fees and Rules




“Early Bird” Entry Fee of $750.00 per Angler if entry completed by 1st August 2019, includes Briefing Night BBQ Calcutta Dinner, Tournament Shirt and Presentation Dinner. Entries completed after 1 August, fees $800.00 per Angler.

Membership fees (Renewals or new Member) $77.00 each incl GST.
Extra shirts $65.00.

If only one Angler minimum entry fee is $1200.00. Drinks not included, all fees in Aus$ and include GST.

Note: All Anglers must be financial members of a Game Fishing Club affiliated with the Game Fishing Association of Australia (GFAA) or the International Game Fishing Association (IGFA).

Membership of Lizard Island Game Fishing Club Inc is available to non members with entry.

Extra Dinners: A Hospitality Fee of $135.00 per Crew Member or Guest per event, Briefing Dinner and Presentation Dinner.

  1. Tournament Fishing Dates: 5 DAYS FISHING Monday 7th October 2019 through Fiday11th October from 1100hrs to 1730hrs each day. All tag cards must be returned to a Tournament Official by 2000hrs on Saturday 12th October to be eligible.
  2. Registration & Briefing: It is mandatory for at least one Team Angler and the Captain of the boat to attend the Briefing Dinner of the entered boats to be held in the Marlin Centre on Lizard Island, commencing at 1930 hours for 2000hrs on Sunday 6th October 2019. Note: See Rule 6 for Dispensation for attendance at the Briefing in exceptional circumstances.
  3. OPT IN AT BRIEFING TO ENTER POOL @ $1000.00 PER BOAT WITH WINNER TAKE ALL. (this replaces previous years Calcutta Boat Auction).
  4. Presentation Dinner: Saturday 12th October 2019 in the Marlin Centre “Barn” at 1900 for 2000hrs. To be eligible to receive trophies attendance is compulsory.
  5. Late Team Changes: Tournament Officials will be in attendance at the Marlin Centre from 1600hrs on Sunday 6th October 2019 for final Team’s Registration and any late changes to Anglers. No changes to Anglers may be made after 1930 hours that day.
  6. Sailpast: The Official Tournament opening and compulsory sailpast of entered vessels will commence at 0915hrs on Monday 7th October 2019, followed by start fishing at 1100hrs. Note: The Tournament Committee at its sole discretion may grant a dispensation for attendance at the Briefing after receiving a written submission. A condition of such dispensation will be that the Team given the dispensation MUST participate in the Sailpast. 
  7. Tournament Fishing Zone: The northern most point of Jewell Reef to the southern most point of Channel Reef. On Day 1, Teams must start from Lizard Island on Day 1 and may elect to stay out on the Reef after “Stop Fishing” on days 1 to 6 but MUST return to Lizard Island on Day 7.
  8. Eligibility: Open to all Members of Clubs affiliated with GFAA and or IGFA. Club membership details must be provided on the entry form. If not already a financial member of a qualifying Club, Anglers must join Lizard Island GFC Inc.
  9. Eligible Species: Black Marlin (Makaira indica) Blue Marlin (Makaira nigricans) Striped Marlin (Tetrapturux audax). Black Marlin is the species that abound in the waters of The Coral Sea off Lizard Island where they aggregate each year to breed resulting in “granders” being tagged every year.
  10. Eligible Tackle: As published in the GFAA Angling and Equipment Rules. Non offset circle hooks must be used for live and dead bait fishing.
  11. Eligible Line Class: This is a heavy tackle Tournament and only 37kg and 60kg line may be used.
  12. TAG & RELEASE ONLY EVENT: No fish will be weighed in the Tournament and Fishing and Tag & Release Rules are as published in the GFAA Angling Rule and Equipment Regulations.
  13. Point Score: One (1) point per live Marlin tagged and released in accordance with the Rules, irrespective of whether 37Kg or 60Kg line was used.
  14. Number of Days Fished: Competitors may elect to fish all or any number of competition days within the Tournament dates. There is no reduction in fees for fishing less than 7 days.
  15. Judges: LI GFC Inc shall appoint Tournament Judges whose decisions shall be final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into relating to the Judges decisions.
  16. Late hook ups & tags: Any fish hooked after the final Radio Sched, but before Stop Fishing, MUST be reported to the Radio Base and acknowledged to be eligible. The fish may then be played out but subject to the conditions of Rule 1.
  17. Radio Scheds: All hook ups, fish lost, tags and releases must be immediately reported to radio base. The time of the Tag & Release is deemed to be the time at which the Tag & Release is reported to the Radio Base. Details of the Radio Scheds will be given at the Briefing Dinner.
  18. Tags: GFAA only recognises NSW Fisheries Billfish Tags in Australian waters. ONLY these Tags will be eligible in this Tournament. Tags are available from your local GFAA or QGFA Clubs or contact Bob Lowe. Some Tags will be available at the Briefing.
  19. Protests: A protest must be submitted in writing to the Judges by 1900hrs Day 5.
  20. Tackle Inspection: Equipment and tackle used may be inspected at random by Judges.
  21. Misconduct: The Tournament Committee may on its own initiative investigate and act upon any incident occurring on Lizard Island during the Tournament. The Committee may invoke penalties of loss of points or disqualification of fish, angler, boat or team, when misconduct is deemed to have taken place likely to bring the Club or our Sport into disrepute. Competitors must on all occasions whilst on Lizard Island respect the Staff and Guests of Lizard Island Resort and not interfere with their enjoyment of the Resort.
  22. Liability: Lizard Island Game Fish Club Inc will not accept liability for any claims for damages or injury by or to any person or persons in regard to this Tournament.


  1. Lizard Island Game Fish Club Inc (hereinafter called The Club) may enter into an agreement with our Sponsors which grants Sponsors exclusive rights to the naming of the Tournament, Sponsoring of the Tournament and electronic media and production rights, which includes the right to commercial production of DVDs and videos for use in filming television and DVD distribution.
  2. It is a condition of entry into the Tournament that a competitor may not conduct or permit to be conducted any activity during the Tournament including filming, videoing, photography or interviewing of the activities of the competitor, the competitor’s boat, crew or visitors during the Tournament or to the activities of the Tournament which is used for or may be used for the the production of any commercial electronic media release, whether before, during or after the Tournament, without the written permission of The Club. Conduct or permit any activities to be conducted either during, before or after the Tournament which uses or refers to The Club, its logo, the Tournament name or relating to the participation in the Tournament which is used for or may be used for the production of any commercial electronic media release without written permission of The Club.


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